Sisters Rural Advisory, Inc. / SOS


Representatives of Sisters Rural Advisory met with airport representatives in June to exchange information, ideas and to discuss upcoming community and airport activities. These quarterly meetings help to keep the lines of communication open, anticipate issues impacting neighbors and to then distribute that information to you on this website.

An idea from our summer meeting calls for the placement of additional signage on airport grounds located where pilots would notice it, reminding them to fly neighborly.  The airport will be following through with this. In the meantime, we will continue to monitor the situation and invite your comments and suggestions. Our next quarterly meeting with the airport should occur sometime this fall. 

Sisters Rural Advisory, Inc. 

PO box 1917,

Sisters Oregon, 97759

The next meeting of our airport committee  is

scheduled for end of February. At that time airport staff

expect to be able to tell us what's  coming up this

spring and summer. If you have any concerns you'd

like addressed, please send a note to: