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Sisters Rural Advisory

A big thank you for your letters and attendance at the ODA hearing on Feb
8th and the joint City/County meeting on Feb. 23rd. 


Awareness and education:

Footnote:.To succeed with any of our efforts toward mitigating noise from skydiving,
we MUST be able to show numbers in support, preferably through a legal
entity. Therefore, we urge signing up as voting members of the Sisters
Rural Advisory, LLC. Not only would that give the SOS initiative more clout, it
also provides members with certain protections. Sign up at 

This March meeting is for members of the Save-our-Skies group. members only....

Thurs., Mar 23,@ 6:30 pm, at the Sisters Library

Numbers count... Talk with your friends and neighbors about joining our 120+ supporters by subscribing to the SOS/Quiet Skies newsletter by clicking the 'join' link above or by contacting: 


When concerned citizens work in numbers and get involved things can change…

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Help Sisters Country stay safe and environmental sound.  

The Save-Our-Skies effort is an authorized initiative of the umbrella organization, (SRA) Sisters Rural Advisory  LLC (d/b/a “Sisters Rural Advisory”).  Sisters Rural Advisory was formed to gather information regarding ongoing issues in our community and distribute the information to people living both inside and outside the city limits of Sisters, Oregon so they may make informed decisions about local government actions that impact them. 

While many of us noted this audit as a reason for delaying ODA' s determination regarding the airport's request for upgrade in listing, we are making no comment on the Audit report as SOS is not one of the involved parties.

 Questions and suggestions can be sent to:

SOS and the  Sisters Rural  Advisory cannot take responsibility for certifying the accuracy of statements and allegations made independently by individual participants.

per the FAA, "Airports are responsible for their noise impact on the communities they occupy.  These noise impacts include noise from arrivals and departures, as well as noise from aircraft in a flight path within the immediate vicinity of the airport."

 "OAR 660-013-0100(g)Aeronautic Recreational Activities including fly-ins, glider flights, ballooning, etc.; with certain limitations and subject to with certain limitations and subject to approval of airport sponsor."