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Quiet Skies

​ Sisters Rural Advisory, LLC

Skydive Update.

According to an article in in the Bend Bulletin, May 8, 2017, the owners of Skydive Awesome! plan to be back at Sisters Eagle Airport.

One of the owners stated that they began to operate out of Madras Airport this month because the company couldn’t get a necessary conditional use permit from Deschutes County in time for the 2017 season.

“We don’t call it a move so much as an expansion,” she said, stating that the company can still operate in Sisters under certain conditions and plans to do so a few times a week this summer.

"The reason for the move comes down to safety and the county’s conditional use permit process.

More experienced skydivers can still land at the Sisters airport," The owner also stated, "In Madras there’s plenty of room for participants of all skill levels to land on the airport property, which doesn’t require a permit." Skydive Awesome further indicated that they still have their office in Sisters and a large hangar in Madras.

The manager at Sisters Eagle Airport, confirmed that Skydive Awesome! would still perform jumps in Sisters, just “not to the extent that they had been.”



Mediation session set for early June.

Representatives from SOS will engage with Sisters Eagle Airport personnel in a professionally facilitated mediation session in early June​. The Sisters Rural Advisory, LLC, and the airport have agreed to sharing in the cost of this session, as well as the cost of the mediation assessment earlier conducted by the facilitator. 

We are encouraged by this opportunity to discuss options for our concerns, especially regarding future plans for the skydive operation in Sisters. 

In order to accurately gauge and validate the extent of your concerns, we are in the process of compiling examples from our 160+ SOS subscribers to indicate how an increase in airport noise has impacted you, especially as occurred during last season's skydive operation. If you have not previously done so, we welcome you to send a few lines to: sistersadvisory@gmail.com. We will not share your name or contact info, but would like to know where you live in relation to the airport. The airport and skydiver personnel maintain that we are only a few "NIMBYs" ("Not-in-My-Backyard")

 We'll need your input no later than June 4 to be included in our compilation.

Caring for the environment

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