Note: Neither the editor of this newsletter, nor SOS/Sisters Rural Advisory, LLC, claims responsibility for certifying the accuracy of any statements made independently by individual participants.

.Established an LLC: Sisters Rural Advisory, LLC, was created as a legal entity to serve as an umbrella organization for the SOS/Quiet Skies initiative.  Numbers, in terms of membership, is important for the LLC to be effective if we choose to pursue certain actions such as seeking legal counsel to validate a course of action. Besides being a legal entity to pursue our issues, the LLC provides certain legal protections. 
Subscribers who choose to become members of the LLC would have voting rights as well as​ certain legal protections.​

ACTION: increase membership in the LLC, elect officers for 2017, and raise funds as needed.​

Contributions can be made out to Sisters Rural Advisory, LLC, and mailed c/o interim treasurer:​ Bruce Mason, 69425 Deer Ridge Rd, Sisters, OR 97759

To succeed with any of our efforts toward mitigating noise from skydiving,
we MUST be able to show numbers in support, preferably through a legal
entity. Therefore, we urge signing up as voting members of the Sisters
Rural Advisory, LLC. Not only would that give the SOS initiative more clout, it
also provides members with certain protections.

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If we are to proceed with mediation and/or efforts requiring the services of
attorneys, we must raise more funds. Donations can be made out to Sisters
Rural Advisory, and sent to:

Bruce Mason, LLC treasurer

69425 Deer RidgRoad,
Sisters, OR. 97759

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